I’m writing again.

I have a lot of people close to me who’ve been crossing their fingers for the day that I might write again. And here we are, I’m writing again.

To be honest, it’s been strange after all these years, but it’s nice I think. And its healing — that’s certain.

I’m sure God will have me share more at some point, as per usual (…could be a week or a month from now, or tomorrow, who knows? I’ll jump off that cliff like every other one, when He asks me to.)

But for now, it feels healing to break myself open again. To stop steeling myself behind silence or smiles on social media, and to stop running from the stories I hate so much (the nonsensical stories, that let’s be clear, God is the one writing — and that are too many to count.)

And to choose instead, to own my most incapacitating heartaches and questions, & sift through the muck in order to find the meaning in them. Even more, to * find Him * in them.

I don’t know where this will take me, or how long I’ll write in this season before the next time I quit lol. I’m not even sure if anyone will read along (…do people even read blogs anymore? Or is everyone too busy watching TikTok’s & the news?) I also still very much can’t figure out where to put a mechanically-sound comma.

But I need to write again because I need to find Him again. (God has been hidden & quiet for so long.)

And I need to write because I need to find myself again.

…Because she’s been hidden and quiet for so long as well…

19 thoughts on “I’m writing again.”

  1. This makes my heart happy.❤️ I love when God has you writes, he has given you a special gift to share with the world! I am excited to see what he has to say through you.

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  2. So excited for the words you will pen and as always I know we will see your beautiful perspective and God insights through the rawness of your shares!! ❤️


    1. Thank you for such kind words, Tracy. God and I have a lot to unpack and yet every time I do the work of sitting down to write it all out, how hurt and hopeless it all feels, he meets me there and gives me what I need to keep going. Expectant of that in this next season.


  3. so random because I was literally thinking of you about 2 weeks ago and wondering where that lady who used to minister through her words went? This was me thinking this as I did my grocery shopping lol weird, I know 🙂 but welcome back!!! and yes, people still read blogs…well, some of us at least lol

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    1. How funny is that?!? and those words of yours… “where that lady who used to minister through her words went” …they got me ❤ And the answer? It's been a journey, I'll tell you that. I have lots to unpack with God lol.


  4. Krista, I am raising my hand here to say that I am reading your blog! For me, waiting for God is so hard! I camped out in the Psalms, but felt like God was ignoring my requests. Not a yes, not a No – His response just appeared to be silence. A year or two ago, I got so frustrated that I googled something like ‘why is God ignoring me.’ Because of that, I came across your article on that subject. I suspect that was a divine appointment. I have been hooked ever since. Like the Psalms, your writing encourages me to keep taking my highs and lows to Him, to keep being open and honest with Him, as I wait on Him. By the way, I sank into a real low recently. But God encouraged me greatly when I received a notice from your site saying that you had posted again!


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