Krista’s Journey from Suburbia to the Big City- Part II

imageI had my dream job staying home with my baby girl, my husband had his dream job as a local youth pastor in an amazing church. We owned a beautiful home, had all the friends you could hope for, and we were excitedly trying for another baby…

But then God threw my eggs in the creek.

I’ll explain…

I had been reading a book called “Scouting The Divine” By Margaret Feinberg. The book is about a woman on a journey to bring to life some of the Bible’s greatest analogies that often get dismissed due to the fact that we aren’t able to fully comprehend them in the modern world we live in.

One of the analogies is one in which Jesus refers to Himself as the ‘Good Shepherd’. In Feinberg’s search, she follows a skilled shepherd named Lynne seeking to learning her craft firsthand, and because of it, find the power behind the words Jesus used to describe Himself.  Not surprisingly, she finds the shepherd to be a loving and patient leader who wants the best for her flock…no doubt in the same way that the Lord relates with us.

However, my revelation came when I read what Feinberg describes as “One of the most meaningful lessons about God”…

It came from the geese in the barn.

I remember that they were constantly walking around.

“What are they looking for?” I asked Lynne.

“They’re looking for their eggs,” she [the shepherd] said.

“Where are they?” I asked.

“I threw them in the creek,” she said.

My eyes bugged in disbelief. I couldn’t help blurting out, “Why?” Her action seemed so cold and cruel- a far cry from the shepherd who loved her sheep.

“Because they were infertile,” she said. “They would never hatch. I need to get these geese back to their regular life. For three months they have been sitting on infertile eggs. The only way to get them back to the way they are supposed to be living is to take away their dead eggs.”

Her answer helped me understand her action as one of compassion and wisdom. I couldn’t help but wonder how often I have sat on dreams that were never going to come to fruition or, worse, sat on empty promises of the enemy that would never yield life- only self destruction and death.

I thought back to the numerous times where God has been faithful to remind me, “It’s time to get onto the life I have for you.”

The words might as well have lept off the page! I could instantly feel the weight of them on my heart!

You see, that lovely life that I was so content living – that I was truly happy living – it had changed abruptly. One day it was exactly as I had described, and the next it seemed almost unfamiliar.  No doubt, life has a tendency of doing that to all of us at some point – a health issue is found, a friendship comes to an end, a family is torn apart, a job is lost, a loved one passes, or a combination of such things occur – and mine was of the latter category.

I was trapped in my circumstances with no way out. I felt like the life that I knew – the life that I loved – was crumbling. Some of those closest to me, those I had relied on the most, now felt like strangers to me. There were even some looking in from the outside, not knowing my situation but sensing a change, who met me in my heartache with equal amounts of gossip and speculation.

Like a goose looking for my eggs, I was frantically trying to piece the perfect life I had created back together!  Never once considering that – maybe, just maybe – God never intended for my life to be put back together exactly the way He had found it.

Maybe my life wasn’t crumbling because of outside forces or because I wasn’t strong enough. Maybe the Lord was holding the chisel – slowly picking away, stripping me of the unnecessary relationship expectations that I had put on people, when instead, I should have been relying on Him. Ridding me of the deep baggage that I had been carrying for far too long, not even realizing how it had been holding me back. Even chiseling away at the dreams that I had been pursuing, knowing ultimately they didn’t align with what He had planned for my future.

I began to ponder, “What if what I am going through, this heartache I feel, is Divine?”

I could feel the Lord beckoning me back to Him saying, “It’s time to get back to the life I have for you.”

I then became curious, “What kind of life could He possibly have for me?” (I can’t help but smirk to myself as I type that)

Months later, my husband came to me like he had done a handful of times before, with a job description he had found. He began reading aloud the extensive qualifications needed for the available position.  Not even a minute into it, I remember stopping him, snatching the paper from his hands and continuing to read the rest out loud myself! My heart was pounding and I found myself having to stop every couple of sentences to take a deep breath.  

I couldn’t believe it! They were SO specific…and yet, they were looking for Ricky!

The Location?  No other than New York City!

My daughter Gia
My daughter Gia

So I went in search for the life the Lord had designed for me…

And 6 months later I have found myself living here, in a 650 sq ft apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I have traded my 4 bedroom house in suburbia, for a one bedroom apartment in the city that costs nearly double the price. And the sound of crickets and frogs that was once outside my window, have now, humorously, been replaced with the sound of continuous honking that goes on into the night. We no longer have our two cars, but instead rely on the subway and a good pair of Nike’s to get us where we need to be. We have also (although at times, painstakingly) decided to set aside our hopes for another baby – possibly indefinitely – unless the Lord were to tell us otherwise.

So where, do you ask, is the Hallelujah in all of this?

I can tell you that it isn’t in the fact that my heartache has magically disappeared now that I’ve relocated to the other side of the country. On the contrary, I am only beginning my healing process. But instead of feeling paralyzed by my pain, I am empowered by it; knowing that God can still use me in spite of my hurts…quite possibly even, because of them.

Knowing also that although I am far from everything I have ever known in the suburbs in what feels like a foreign country at times and living a life I would have never thought I had the courage to live…that even on the most difficult of days I possess the overwhelming sense of peace that I first found in a daydream just months ago.

The peace in knowing that THIS is exactly where my Shepherd has led me.

The lord is my Shepherd, I have everything that I need.
Psalm 23:1

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21 thoughts on “Krista’s Journey from Suburbia to the Big City- Part II”

    1. Aw, I am so glad! Thanks for reading and being willing to reach out and let me know. that means a lot! Hope you and your family are doing well!


  1. Can’t say it enough… This is such a beautiful story and testament to God’s hand in your lives. I am just so lucky to be able to go through some of it with you!!!


    1. Some of it!?!? Girl, you went through ALL of it with me! I mean how many times have I fallen to pieces with you right by my side this past year? (Remember when I bawled like a baby in your kitchen when you casually asked me how I was doing? LOL) thanks for always being a constant encouragement and listening ear. I can only hope I can be the same for you in years to come!


  2. These words spoke and ministered my heart in such a profund way. The Lord is truly wonderful! Thanks for sharing!


    1. You are soooo right! The Lord is truly wonderful! Glad he could speak to your heart! Thanks for reading!


  3. Krista your words and stories and life experiences have always inspired me! To trust is Him, to continue seeking Him and to see that hard times are not always just that but are opportunities to learn more, trust more and see His will and glory more. Thanks for sharing! I hope you continue to write more! You have a gift of writing and teaching and inspiring others through what God is teaching you.


    1. My sweet Tiffany, thank you for taking the time to read and comment! Your sweet words are more encouraging than i can even express. I only hope that I can tell my story in a way that can inspire you to be proud to tell yours! God is a master story teller and he has no doubt, written a beautiful and powerful love story to you in your own life. I know you will uplift many people in a way that I never could with the experiences god has personally given to you.


    1. Thanks for reading Lyndie!! I am glad god can use my story to help others even in the smallest of ways!


  4. Beautifully said – but – Hey The Lord is MY Shepherd 🙂 So glad He is your Shepherd too! & has goodness & mercy is following us & He leads us beside still waters – regardless of whats honking! ❤ Love you forever<3 God is good!


  5. Beautifully said – but – Hey The Lord is MY Shepherd 🙂 So glad He is your Shepherd too!!! & glad His goodness & mercy is following us & He leads us beside still waters regardless of whats honking! ❤ Love you forever ❤ God is good!


  6. I had goosebumps while reading this Krista. I am where you were in the beginning of your journey. Your testimony is encouraging to me. I am happy that you have found peace and wish you guys nothing but the best!


    1. Brandi, hang in there girl and wait patiently on The Lord to lead. Although He may feel far from you I can promise you He is not… he is in the process of transforming you. I hope to see you on the other side of your circumstances and rejoice with you that you are now exactly where god wants you to be! I will be praying for you until then (I mean it!)
      Jeremiah 29:11


  7. Krista, Just amazing. I’m so proud of you and how you have grown into such a mature mom and wife. We miss you dearly but know this is where God wants you to be.


    1. Thank you so much Diane! That is so nice of you to say! I think Gia is desperate to see you. Our Wednesday nights will never be the same without u guys!


    1. Thanks for reading Jess! Ricky and I were literally just talking about how we missed you guys! (And that queso pizza;)


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