This Blog Isn’t For You


So we blew up the blogosphere this last week…

Like for real, and entirely on accident!

And as Rachel and I watched the number of daily visitors grow on our blog – doubling, tripling, and so on…  and so on – I realized something new about myself…

Success isn’t my scene.

While it makes me momentarily want to dance on the table in excitement, just as quickly, it had me rocking back and forth in fetal position, scratching my eyelids, and taking an oath that I would never write again.

Throughout the week, it’s entirely possible that I made a few frantic phone calls to Rachel, where we weighed our options, and questioned whether it would be best to just shut down the blog completely (no really… we were THAT freaked out!)

And yet, interestingly enough, here I am once again.

Only took 500 gallons of chamomile tea to calm my escalating heart rate, and another trillion prayers to the Lord Almighty, but I am here!

But due to the attention we got this last week, and taking into consideration the many feathers I ruffled ( because apparently people don’t understand the disclaimer: “I know this post will offend people… and for the record I am not sorry!”) I thought it might be fitting to clarify a few things:

Yes, I am a pastor’s wife. And no, that’s not a title I can live up to! Being a ‘Pastors wife’ is in no way my identity (you won’t here me ‘name dropping’ that in posts to come…) And whether you choose to believe it or not, I am a human being  just. like. you!

I am not über spiritual- In fact the Real Housewives of New Jersey and I have an ongoing date on my couch every week (and if there are wheat thins and chocolate covered acai berries involved, then all the better!) Admittedly, I curse on occasion for emphasis, and I make a MEAN margarita!

That being said, while it’s entirely your choice whether or not you hold me to the unrealistic standard of what you believe that a Pastor’s wife should be, if you choose to do so, I can say with 100% certainty that I will fail. Miserably.

And when I do, it’ll be your fault for putting me on that pedestal -not mine!

And if you don’t like that, then this blog is not for you.

I also am by no means the picture of a perfect parent. I secretly despise the playground, too often turn to the plethora of take-out menus for dinner at night, and it’s entirely possible that the first music my daughter ever heard in the womb was a Black Eyed Pea’s song, that my husband and I had methodically picked out!

And if you don’t like that, then…

well, you get where I am going with this!

I love the Lord deeply with all that I am. And whether or not a relationship with Him is what you desire, you hang with me long enough and it’s likely my faith will be contagious.

So a word of caution: If that is something you are extremely opposed to, then this blog might not be for you. (Although, I secretly hope you will stick around anyway!:)

If my grammatical errors anger you to the point where you feel the need to comment about them, then I am sorry, but it seems you have confused me with a real writer!

Simply put, I am a stay at home mom, who – what I lack in hobbies, is made up for with dishes in the sink! I struggle daily to get out of my pajamas, and am always scrambling to get my weekly blog post done in time while my two year old crawls all over my limbs, feeding me fistfuls of goldfish crackers in an attempt to get me to impersonate the cookie monster (which for the record, I have no shame in doing!)

All that to say, if you are looking for an eloquent speaker or errorless presentation, then this will never be the blog for you!

As for me, I will cling to the hope that if God can use simple farmers, despised tax collectors, and even sons of prostitutes to bring Him glory, then surely the Lord in all of His greatness, won’t even bat an eye at the mish-mash that can be my english!

And given the chance that I get a negative comment – or give or take a few HUNDRED like last week! 😉

I will not respond. Ever!

I know, I know…  you are “being pressed by the Holy spirit” to tell me how wrong I am and what not, but regardless, that’s just not me. It’s not that I don’t respect your opinion, it’s that I don’t write to please you – or anyone else for that matter!

I write because God has laid it on my heart to be unapologetically honest and courageously me! To be vulnerable enough to share my weakest, and rawest thoughts so that He can meet me there and transform my heart to be more like His. NOT to merely write for His people; their praise, their public acclaim, or to address their criticism!

So if you are looking to debate with someone or are itching for a feud,







Phew! Now that we got that out of the way – and since we have weeded off all the haters by now –  may those of you who are still with us, continue on this journey of true authenticity. The kind where we aren’t afraid to publicly declare that our kids are making us cray cray, that our spouse is one- dirty- q tip – left – on – the – counter away from sleeping on the fire escape (like, indefinitely!) and to address that more often then not, we struggle with feelings of being not enough; enough of a provider, enough as a spouse, enough as a parent, and at times, even enough as a CHRISTIAN! Gasp! I know, its scandalous I tell you!

Together, I hope we can learn to lean into Christ for all that we need, learning to love Him and trust Him more, so that with His strength we can embrace the (at times craaaaazy) life he has laid out for us!

We will be your guides, and although we can’t promise perfection, an agreeable nature (or in my case, savory language 100% of the time) you do have our word that we will be honest and raw to the core, in hopes that one day you too will be able to do the same!

And if THAT is what your soul has been so desperately longing for, then I am so happy to announce that this IS the blog for you! And we couldn’t be happier to have you on board!

But before I go I must publicly declare…

that I, Krista,

do solemnly swear,

to never curse a crockpot ever again! 😉

There. I said it. Now can we all just get along?

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164 thoughts on “This Blog Isn’t For You”

  1. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! For being a real woman and sharing your stories with real émotions and thoughts and not being fake. Someone I can finally relate to. Its à Nice breath of fresh air. Thank you and God Bless You.


  2. Thank you for your transparency!! What a breath of fresh air. I see you understand grace and you are no longer under the law!! Awesome ! So nice to see people resting in him instead of working to make everything look perfect. He loves us completely and we can breathe a sigh of relief!!


  3. You’re a human! Say what?! I love it. Thank you for your honesty and openness. I respect transparency and realness over anything else. May God continue to inspire you!

    {This blog is for me}.


  4. You are so awesome. I loved your Misconceptions of a Godly Woman post. I mean, I really loved it. The judgmental comments at the bottom made me upset and confused with how twisted some Christians can be. But this post just made me love it more. This blog is so for me, and I might just subscribe now. 🙂


  5. Don’t quit, don’t quit, don’t quit, don’t ever quit. Thank you for not quitting. I was the woman who was a pastor for over 20 years and commented positively about your post. I have been praying for you after seeing all those haters, and naysayers. Who cares? Be you wonderful fabulous self. Stay true to yourself – even your rawness. It is refreshing. YOU are refreshing. I had a hard time believing they tripped over a word and missed the point. To be honest, I thought it was amazing when you said, “I guess I owe my crockpot an apology” That, my friend, was PERFECT



    1. Thank you Pamela for reaching out and for your prayers! I appreciate them so very much! And a pastor for 20 years!!! Wowza!! If only I could pick your brain! 🙂


  6. I needed to find a blog post where women can be real and truthful in their daily struggles to be closer to God. I believe God has led me straight to you and your honesty. So often, I feel less than as a mother and woman of God, and your blog and thoughts and true honesty have really opened my heart and encourages me to keep trying my best amidst my constant failures and that God loves me no matter what. Thank you for writing from your heart! God is going to do great things through you! This blog is definitely for me.


  7. I stumbled upon your blog through agirlikeme on twitter who tweeted one of your blogs and I am definitely glad to say this is a blog for me! Amazingly real and honest…we need more of this in our churches and amongst our Christian sisters, thank you!!!


  8. I love it! I try to be real on my blog, too. Keep writing and do be “apologetic” with your posts as you were with last week’s. It forces others to respect your opinions!


  9. FINALLY!!!!! A woman who is real. Where have you been my sweet girl? Thank you for being open, honest and saying what every woman has thought and experienced. Thank you for stepping out and speaking what is on every woman’s heart..whether admitted or not. Thank you for your boldness…most importantly, thank you for being the woman God made you to be. Don’t you ever stop writing or shut down this blog. You would break my heart. I have been a Christian woman for 26 yrs. and have never read or heard this kind of truth spoken/written…ever! How refreshing and pure.


    1. Thank you CIndy for being willing to reach out and be such an encouragement. God is using words like yours (and so many others!) to build up my courage so I can continue to write! So thank you:)


  10. A friend shared on Face Book one of your blogs. Loved your insight to Proverbs 31. I’m 65 and love your honest take on being a Christian, as well as “The Pastor’s Wife”. My sister-in-law is a pastor’s wife.(Not in my church) I’ve watched many years what she has had to deal with, especially the PK’s. Enormous pressure on the kids. God bless you with strength and resilience. Over my life (same church) I’ve witnessed several of our Pastor’s wives end up in therapy or hospitalized with breakdowns due to congregational expectations of perfection. Thank you for this blog. I hope it will open the eyes of younger generations to be more like you, a real human being created by a loving God, doing your best to be His hands and feet in this weary world. Blessings to you.


  11. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I just read your blog from last week (the misconceptions and whatnot) and it is the first time in a long time I’ve read an article about Christianity that I can relate to. I was in tears reading that, and was further moved by your simple sentence that you feel you are “not enough.” I have been struggling with this a lot lately. A LOT. It has caused me some serious anxiety, influenced me to make poor decisions, but most importantly, this insecurity is FORCIBLY PUSHING me closer to God, and for that, I will accept all the anxiety and worry in this world. Thank you for being human, thank you for announcing how “okay” that is. Thank you for cursing crock pots, hell, thank you for cursing! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please don’t shut down the website – obviously you’ve done something worthwhile in the eyes of God, why else would you be tested and tempted to remove your Godly, inspiring words?

    Keep it up ladies!


    1. Thank you Shelly! I know it takes a lot of courage and time to reach out and share your thoughts but I appreciate that you did! Your words bring a huge amount of encouragement to me so thank you! We will continue writing and continue being real… until I get ripped to pieces again! Jk 😉


  12. Sometimes these internet bullies forget that there is a real love person behind the blog. I wasn’t in love with everything in the previous blog. However, after this post I will be a reader forever. I am a flawed Christian and I refuse to hide my flaws. No one has the power to shame me because we all sin! Good on ya! 👍


    1. Thank you Terra for your honesty and for giving (crazy ol’) me the benefit of the doubt. That is appreciated more than you know!


  13. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found your blog. I have shared it with my sister and best friend because i see so much of us all in your words and I know they would relate as much as I do. It is such a blessing for someone to come out and say pastor’s wife or not, I’m a real person. Thank you for putting yourself out there and especially for the mouse blog. It brought me to tears of laughter especially since I have myself dealt with multiple mice in my apartment. Never have I had to use a meat mallet though. And I will count my blessings on that one.


    1. Oh mice…. Lol. May the force be with you as you deal with yours! I can assure you that if I see mine again, you will be hearing about it! Haha! 🙂


  14. Thank you for putting yourself out there. I’m certain that I’m just one of SO MANY who are so relieved to find a blog/women who we can actually relate to in our imperfect walk with God. Thank you for being REAL and not unrealistically “perfect”. So refreshing, THANK YOU!


  15. Sorry, no gushing here!
    While affirming women and “building each other up” are desperately needed in many faith circles, subtly affirming a departure from Godly character is definitely not. The world is happy to do that for us!
    And so, while I would be potentially one to say, “This blog is not for me”, I think I’ll stick around just to make sure someone is holding you accountable…


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