Dear NYC Mommy

I know I promised “glitz and glamour” for this week’s post, and I swear to you that I indeed had every intention of delivering and telling you all about how Madonna and Ricky Martin are my neighbors (or something like that.) …But then I got inspired by something entirely different.

Adapting to life in New York City has proven to be quite an (enormous) adjustment for me, but becoming a ‘Manhattan Mom’ has no doubt been the single most difficult part.

And since the Mother’s Day flowers have long since wilted and the handmade cards are now stashed away, I want to use this post to empower some of the strongest mom’s I have ever met; The New York City Mommies.

Dear NYC Mommy,

1. In one of the hardest-working parts of the country, you will work just as hard trying to raise a grounded family in this Big City.

As Manhattan moms its easy to feel like a bona-fide single mom 5-6 days out of the week. And for that reason, you are so much stronger than you realize!

The incredible strength you possess is such a pivotal part of what holds your family together, so always give yourself an immense amount of credit for that!

2. Don’t ever feel guilty if you find yourself (in a desperate and fleeting moment) envying a nanny.

Yes, she is dressed waaaaaay the heck better than you. Yes, she is getting paid top dollar to do what we do for FREE (not just 5 days a week like her, but 7 days a week…EVERY week… For what feels like may be the rest of our existence!) It’s okay, be jealous. Heck, you might even entertain the thought of what it might be like to have a nanny — For even just One. Flippin. Hour! It happens to the best of us.

Rest assured, knowing you will soon come to your senses and realize just how lucky you are to be there for your child’s every giggle, cuddle, and maybe even every tantrum. (Maybe… but if we are completely honest, probably not.)

3. DO NOT, in any way, compare yourself to Suburban Mommies on Facebook and Pinterest. 

It’s not a fair comparison. Their laundry rooms are the size of our living rooms, and the reason they have more kids than us, is because they don’t have to physically wear them on their bodies for longer than the 9 months they are in the womb (While we will physically wear ours in an Ergo until they max out the weight limit — 45lbs baby!)

Case in point.
Case in point.

Pinterest is a jerk, and will keep you stressing endlessly about making your family a gourmet and nutritious meal every night. All while failing to take in account that – making even the simplest of meals – for you, means lugging every ingredient back from the grocery store. Only to then, risk the stove heating up your entire apartment to the point that your chocolate chips melt and your eyebrows perspire.

Instead, may I suggest, that we embrace the (trillions) of takeout menu’s on our fridge. And while we are at it, tell Pinterest to shove those unnecessary expectations, #YouKnowWhere!

4. Say goodbye to the heals, not the glamour.

While living in one of the fashion capitals of the world, we’ve all found ourselves walking up and down Madison Avenue peering into windows of some of the most glorious – and most expensive – pumps we have ever laid our eyes on. Discouraged, because we will forever feel limited to flats, even on the most smokin hot date nights.

But I can assure you, even in flats, you aren’t any less glamorous! Suburban mommies  would KILL for the calf muscles you’ve acquired over the years from walking up and down (and up…and down…) those subway stairs — So rock those instead!

Or if you are feeling super ambitious, opt for a wedge. (And then secretly tuck a back-up pair of Nike’s in your purse. Yah know, just in case.)

5. You work out… I repeat, YOU WORK OUT!!!

I swear, to the Lord Almighty, if one more NYC mom tells me she doesn’t work out…(Insert: eye roll.)

You may not go to a gym, and yet, you burn more calories bumping a stroller up and down the subway steps, and by carrying a diaper bag, a gallon of milk, and your flailing toddler up a flight of stairs, than most people do on the elliptical 5 times a week!

You are a beast — Own it!

6. The way we parent is not wrong, it’s just different.

Its true, we will likely never be able to give our kids all the latest and greatest toys, due to the lack of space needed to house all that madness. But instead of toys, we give our children experiences.

In Times Square with Daddy
In TImes Square with daddy
Charming people on the subway
Charming people on the subway
Picnic with mommy in Central Park
picnic with mommy in Central Park

If our children want a toy that lights up in every color of the rainbow, we can take them to bask in the bright lights of Times Square. If it’s music they want, then it’s a simple as stepping off the subway and listening to any of the given talented street performers (maybe even Michael Buble’ if they are reeeeally lucky)  who are always there, entertaining the masses on the subway platform.

And God forbid, your kid asks to do a craft (…bleck. Shoot me...) In that case, just talk some sense into them and take them to Central Park to play with Sarah Jessica Parker’s children… (Because, nope. For real. I cannot risk getting glitter and glue in my apartment! #SorryNotSorry)

New York City Mommy, what you do day in and day out is not for the faint of heart. What is new and so often overwhelming to me, you have skillfully mastered. And watching you, helps me realize that (in time) I will soon possess the strength you have, and maybe be lucky enough to one day provide the same wisdom to someone else.

I have the utmost respect for you,


14 thoughts on “Dear NYC Mommy”

  1. I thought this was such a great post! I am not a NYC mommy but my sister in law is and it is so completely true!


    1. Thanks for reading Kristina! They really are truly inspiring women! They don’t get nearly enough credit if you ask me 🙂


    1. I only crack you up because I speak the truth 🙂 🙂 🙂 love u! Now get over here and come visit me!


  2. AMAZZZZZZZING!!!! You are so amazing with words and uplifting!! You and your writing are an answered pray for me!!!:)


    1. How funny!!! We were just talking to someone about San Fran and how they really do have a lot in common! Even the incredibly steep price of living! Glad u could relate to the madness LOL! Thanks for reading 🙂


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