Give Me Faith (To Trust What You Say)

THIS. Is better than anything I could write.

I don’t care how you listen to it, JUST DO IT! I promise, you wont regret it.

Listen to it while you brush your teeth, or as you comb your hair. Put your phone in a bowl – yes, you heard right! – to amplify the uh-maziness and transform your bathroom into that of a worship concert complete with mood altering lights, and worship pastor’s wearing hipster beanies and skinny jeans!

(And by the way, if you haven’t tried the phone-in-a- bowl- trick then you have NO idea what you are missing! Hint: The bigger the bowl, the bigger the dance party!  #YouCanThankMeLater)

You can listen to it as you eat your wheaties, listen to it during a tantrum (hopefully your child’s, and not yours!) listen to it as you make dinner, as you sort laundry, or between watching reruns of the Real Housewives of New Jersey! You know you do it!

Listen to it in a bowl,

in a dish,

with a fish.

In a bar,

with a car.

Listen to it ANYWHERE,

wherever you are!

Seriously, I need to lay off the Dr. Seuss. And for the record, don’t try listening to it in a dish… that wont work. Nor would listening to it in a bar I would presume, but I wont judge!

Just listen to the dang song, and LIKE IT!

Or I wont like you!

I’m kidding… 

sort of.

I may be weak,

But your spirit’s strong in me.

My flesh may fail,

 My God, you never will!

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3 thoughts on “Give Me Faith (To Trust What You Say)”

  1. I am beginning to believe that we are kindred spirits Krista! I love this song so much that when it comes on my Pandora I want to cuss them for not having a repeat button. I love your message. Thank you!


  2. I was reading back through your posts as I’m rocking my 16 month old so he can maybe get in a better mood before our family arrives and I know it was a God thing that I read this one. One of my oldest and dearest friends found out last week at their ultrasound only appointment to find out the sex of their baby that their sweet baby girl has significant fluid on her brain. There is a worship leader here on town that has just had a baby girl with the same problem and they were able to do surgery and should live a perfectly normal life. He shared their testimony one day a she was leading worship and was very real with his frustrations but then tied it back to sing this song. I had never heard the song until then and I watched all of this on YouTube the night that my friends found out about their baby girl. My friends went to a specialist a couple of days longer and their baby’s prognosis is not very good at all. I have been so heartbroken for them ever since and because of the business of life forgot about this song. Today, I was reminded and am thankful for that. My friend heard God very clearly tell her Faith over Fear. Obviously, he is teaching me a lesson through their circumstances. I’m sure you get tons of prayer request, but if you happen to read this, please say a prayer for Maddie Grace and her parents. Sorry for the rambling and Happy Thanksgiving!!


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