What my daughter taught me about a jealous God

I’m not going to lie, God (often) has to put me in my place. And none more harsh than when it comes to my daughter.

…My 5 year-old ninja-turtle-loving daughter.

When it comes to my child, I have felt God’s correction most severe. His words to me almost cutting, even reprimanding at times. And what I’ve come to realize is it’s because God is fiercely protective of my daughter.

(God told me to tell you, He’s fiercely protective of you as well!)

I’m going to go right out there and say that the reason my children will one day need therapy is because I’m controlling. (Don’t judge me, your children will need therapy too… I’m just not in denial about it.)

Too often I’ve found myself pleading with my daughter to like princesses over Power Rangers, and for her to take the Ninja turtle shirt off, and put a flipping dress on. I’ll even catch myself attempting to put a bow on her head from time to time, all while her screams echo in resistance.

It comes from a good place, it does…. I just want her to fit in. To be accepted by her peers. (at least that’s what I tell myself.)

But regardless of the reasons, God scolds me every time.

“Keep your hands off, My child,” I will hear Him say, slapping my prying hands back. “Don’t reduce the unique way I’ve created her, or taint her with your preferences because of what makes you comfortable. Or worse, because of what makes you uncomfortable… She’s not yours, she’s mine!” He will say putting me in my rightful place.

He does it all the time.

And this week it got me wondering, how many times God has spoken those same fiercely protective words over me?

How many times did God stick up for us when others attempted to fit us in their – suffocatingly small – little box? When we were told to sit down and not stand out, to keep our mouth shut and a smile on our face.

The times when, as a woman, I felt the pressure to not make waves, and instead, just make babies…

Be a good little pastor’s wife…

A well-behaved little pastor’s kid…

I think back to the moments when I felt most criticized for my in capabilities, most ostracized by my family, and most minimized by religion. I think back to when even just months ago, I felt almost rejected by an entire region of the country — The South.

How did God feel watching their attempts to water me down to make me more palatable?

How would He respond watching others chisel away at our God-given identity?

…He scolds them every time.

Regardless of religion’s reasons… your father’s reasons…. or even a tiny town in South Carolina’s reasons… God comes to the defense of His children, in defense of who He has created you to be, just like He has done time and time again for my daughter.

He slaps back the hand of our accusers, and like a protective artist He responds, saying, “ They are mine, not yours. Don’t taint them with your preferences or minimize My purpose for them because of what makes you comfortable. Or worse, because of what makes you uncomfortable…. They are my creation, and they are who I’ve made them to be!”

(I even like to imagine God ripping off a bow from time to time.)

What I’ve learned from my daughter, is you’ll never see God more angry than when someone steps in and tries to jeopardize who He has created His child to be.

Similarly, you’ll never find a child more confident, than the one who lives every day of their life knowing they are fiercely protected.

….Fiercely protected by a jealous God, who can serve up a wicked good backhand in defense of you & everything you were put us on this earth to be.

Live confidently, my friends.

// 52 weeks to write, 34 more to go //


Krista Ortiz

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