I pray your heart breaks like THIS in 2017

My heart has broken a handful of different ways in the last five years, each one rocking my world and transforming my heart in its own uniquely difficult way. But this year, my heart broke in a way unlike any other.

It all started when God asked me to have another child.

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So your husband is addicted to porn…


“My husband has been hiding an addiction to pornography,” she said, barely finishing her sentence before she began to cry into her hands in the dark corner of a coffee shop.

I listened as my friend wrestled with the shock and the lies, the betrayal and the shame, while memories flooded back to when my own marriage resulted in lies.

“What could I possibly say to comfort her broken heart?” I thought to myself as she cried.

“Tell her what I told you when your heart broke,” God instructed.

That’s exactly what I did, and it’s what I will do again today. I believe they are the same words God speaks over you and the current state of your heart.

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