On the day my baby (would have) been born

Today would’ve been the due date of my second child.

And while I could dwell on the could-have-beens or the should-have-beens, I’ve cried enough tears over that these last 9 months.

Today, on the day my baby would’ve been born, I’ve chosen instead to reflect on the promise God made me. (It’s the same promise God is making to you, no matter what dream of yours has seemingly died.)

It all started when God came to me in a dream…

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What would God say the morning before the $#*% hit the fan?


Last summer, my life was the picture of stability — we had just bought a house, and every picture frame and throw pillow was in its place. Our schedules were filled with the usual business trips and dentist appointments, and we were expecting another child.

…And then within a month, everything went from steady and stable, to a rickety, nausea-inducing carnival ride that seemed to plummet off the rails.

( The only thing leaving me more shaken than the actual turn of events, was what God had said the morning before they unfolded…)

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I pray your heart breaks like THIS in 2017

My heart has broken a handful of different ways in the last five years, each one rocking my world and transforming my heart in its own uniquely difficult way. But this year, my heart broke in a way unlike any other.

It all started when God asked me to have another child.

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Proclaiming God’s promises, anyway.

When I found out I was pregnant, they were sure I was having a miscarriage.

…But we prayed. We desperately begged the Lord for a miracle, and clung to His promises believing, God’s way is perfect, and we can trust everything He does. (Psalm 18:30, Psalm 33:4)

I had written those two verses in the palm of my hand the day I went in for my second ultrasound. I must have been repeating them so loudly in my head, because the Ultrasound Technician nearly jolted me off the table when she took hold of my arm to point out the tiny little heartbeat, flickering away on the screen.

There was my baby, healthy as can be! (And that flickering heartbeat, is now my 5-year-old self-professed superhero, whirling around me as I type.)

It was a miracle.

This time though… this time, was different…

“Krista.” the nurse on the other line said pointedly upon me answering the phone. “Krista… You are pregnant…

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