When God tells you it’s time to shut up about it

This isn’t the blog post I was expecting to write this week, and there are three other drafts floating around my desktop as proof.

Originally, I was planning on telling you that in spite of how God blessed us last month, there are still so many questions we still don’t have answers to, so many more miracles my family needs.

I was going to tell you:

  • How we’re selling our beautiful home in South Carolina, only to put what feels like a trillion dollars (we currently don’t have) down on a one bedroom apartment in NYC that is double the cost of our mortgage and might not have windows in it. #TrueStory …and in the next two weeks… No pressure. 
  • How it’s uncertain if we’ll be able to bring our dog, a dining room table, or if we’ll even have room for our bed in NYC. (I’m not kidding.)
  • How in the last week, the reality of all the above made me cry in the kitchen in the arms of my husband, snap at my daughter, and consume more ice-cream then I care to admit. (There are 5 tubs in the freezer.)

It’s all so overwhelming, I told God over and over this week.

And God’s response? Well, it wasn’t what I expected…

He said, It’s time to shut up about it, Krista…


In Jeremiah 17:7-8 it says in response to everything we are overwhelmed with today, “But blessed is the man who trusts God, the woman who sticks with God. They’re like trees replanted in Eden… Never a worry through the hottest summers, never dropping a leaf, Serene and calm through droughts, bearing fresh fruit every season.”

Never a worry… Serene and calm…

I don’t know what you’re up against today, or what stressful circumstance is blazing against you and threatening to steal your serenity. It may be far more serious than weeping over an apartment without windows. But according to that verse, those of us who trust in the Lord and stick to His plan (even when it makes no sense) have reason to be:












I don’t know about you, but I’ve been a far-cry from composed and quiet this week…

“Do you trust Me? Then it’s time to shut up about it,” I can feel God saying. “…It’s time to stop snapping at your loved ones, eating your body weight in ice-cream, and crying in the kitchen like I’ve forgotten about you.

…Even when My voice seems silent and My provision feels absent, you never need to worry. You can wait in confidence knowing no matter how uncertain the path, the destination I’m leading you to will be wonderful, and that in time, I will pour out My blessing like water onto the earth.”

…It’s embarrassing how hard it is to believe that sometimes, am I right?

Today I challenge us to make two lists: one detailing every impossible thing we need God to do, and another (like the list above) declaring every unnatural thing God promises we can be while we wait.

— Serene and calm is a good start.

Then let’s scrap the bemoaning drafts, and do everything in our power to stay relaxed even though the path ahead might be wrought with uncertainty. Let’s choose today to stop lashing out and breaking down out of fear of what we can’t see, and instead remain composed and expectant of what God is promising He will do.

It could change everything.

(At the very least it could save us some money on ice cream.)


// 52 weeks to write, 45 more to go. //


Krista Ortiz

13 thoughts on “When God tells you it’s time to shut up about it”

  1. You have no idea how much I needed this to even be able to get out of bed this morning.

    Thank you.

    Love you friend!


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    1. Praying serenity and peace infuse every square inch of your heart, and that God gives you hope for the amazing things he has ahead of you — and just around the corner! Stay the path.


  2. So here is how I’m going to pray. God…cattle on a thousand hills and all that, show up big. Do more than I am about to imagine out loud. A 2 bedroom apartment with windows in each room, a beautiful view and space for a bed and a dresser…closet space too. Room for a crockpot (see what I did there). A trillion and a half dollars for said apartment and great neighbors who also love the Lord. Give Krista the urge to replace the tears with dancing in her kitchen instead of crying and visions of city life that are rewarding and fun. Demonstrate and show her your exceptional ability to organize, plan and work things to her favor. Give her man vision, strength to lead her in the dance and extreme devotion to their family. Provide wildly, supernaturally and extravagantly. Be more than we can imagine…and give it to Krista to imagine bigger today than yesterday and remarkably bigger tomorrow. Be her mighty King with sword drawn ready to clear the path of all obstacles. Give her extraordinary perseverance and the faith of ten thousands! Hold her hand, embrace her, and calm her fears. And…
    Let her shut up about it!
    P.S. God tells me to sit down and shut up all the time, so you are not alone sister.
    PSS – keep writing you’re changing hearts and minds for Gods glory and there is great reward for your obedience.

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    1. So… first off, I forgot to respond to your amazing comment because I wanted to have time to adequately respond. Because, secondly, THIS IS THE BEST PRAYER EVER!!! No joke, I took a picture of it. You get me 10000000% and hahahahahahaha a crockpot!!! Dying. 😂😂😂😂 seriously thank you for taking the time to write this for me, I mean it when I say it was such a HUGE encouragement to me!!! ‘Provide wildly, supernaturally and extravagantly’ — Yes lord!!! Hallelujah and amen! Thanks girl!


  3. It’s funny that you posted this today. My husband and I are in an inner struggle of trusting God to fix a problem and the same time trying to figure what we are supposed to do. The deadline is ticking, there is a definite deadline and it’s terrifying.
    The other week God yelled at me through your blog (“I don’t need your help”). I keep reminding myself of that. My current mantra is “He doesn’t need my help. God is never late, but he is also rarely early” while I watch the days on the calendar get closer and closer to the deadline. Thanks for the reminder to “shut up the worry” today. I needed that.

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    1. We sound like we are in similar circumstances. I can relate so much! I also LOVE that God has been speaking to you that he doesn’t need your help! That is EXACTLY what God has been saying to me, specifically whenever I read him call himself ‘the sovereign Lord’ I always read it as ‘the sovereign Lord who doesn’t need anyone’s help’ it’s always such a powerful reminder that my God is in control — so in control that he doesn’t need ANYONES help taking care of me (even mine!)


  4. We love you so very much Krista. Wished we could give you some hugs right about now! Thank you for being so transparent in sharing your REAL struggles, and the encourage that follows inspiring me to follow our JESUS who loves and care for us so.

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    1. Aw thank you, we are so thankful for you guys!!!! God’s going to do what he promised!!! I am believing it for you and for me!!!


  5. I love this! In fact, I might need to heed these words myself! I was wondering where your post was for this week and then, there it was 🙂 So glad!

    This post reminds me of the scripture in Psalms (I believe) that talks about remembering all the things God has done in the past. He has never abandoned us, though his answers aren’t always what we would have chosen. But….the peace and the provision are amazing.


    1. YES! That’s so good Debbie! God has done such wonderful things in the past! To forget them would be to forget the unwavering faithfulness of God that is available to us IN THIS VERY MOMENT! Such a good reminder. (Also, feel free to repeat the words ‘serene’ and ‘calm’ while rocking back and forth in fetal position. You won’t be the only one 😉)


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